About us

Since 2009, our company is developing software for Telecom market. Our solutions are aimed at realizing the potential of communications between subscribers analysis of their behavior in real time and create unique cases to monetize user experience. Use of modern technologies from the world of Big Data allows us to look at Telecom from a new angle and to offer the market innovative and useful solutions.

Effective implementation of the project does not necessarily require many people. It is enough to create the right mix of qualified professionals who are able to motivate themselves and others to solve complex problems. Management - this is self organisation, which does not always require a separate role.
Remote work
We give top priority to freedom of thought and creativity. Almost all of our team members prefer to work remotely, without spending their time on useless office time or ineffective "meetings."
We are not afraid to change the code while looking for new ways to solve old problems. Permanent flexibility of mind, self-confidence and total competence - this is what is particularly appreciated by our clients and partners.
What we have

Our own R&D Center

  • Real-Time Data Analytics 
  • IMS & VoIP Solutions
  • Big Data

System Integration

  • High-Load systems
  • Migration of Data
  • Multi-vendor Integration


  • Business-Consulting (Telecom)
  • Design of IT Systems
  • Performance Audit


  • Service Operations on customer site
  • Monitoring Solutions


  • Internal projects
  • MVP Testing
  • Business Plan Development

Intellectual Property
Patent №130176