Our work

Creating an efficient and useful product is impossible without an understanding of the laws and market trends. We start with a consulting business where customer ideas and our hypotheses are subjected to a serious test for viability. We do not advocate a generic approach to products, each situation is individual. System integration - the key to understanding the customer and his needs.


Telecom market is completely transferred into IP. This means that it modern IT technologies can be applied, which have long been used by Internet giants like Google, Facebook or Twitter.

We see our mission in the creation of new trends to analyze telecom data resulting in new growth points for telecom operators.


Analysis of subscribers behavior in real-time
Development of mathematical models
management of voice traffic
Storage of heterogeneous data
Solutions for LTE


Mobile penetration in Russia has exceeded 100%, which means that the market has now a great opportunities to use this data for:

  • analysis of the behavior of mobile phone and the Internet targeted advertising
  • scoring analysis and control of fraud
  • targeted content for IPTV offers

    We see great potential in such projects and they are the top priority for us